Memory Care

Park Vista was developed to be the ideal environment for independent-thinking seniors who appreciate the benefits of supportive care. Below is a sampling of the many services and amenities that we offer at our properties. Some amenities vary by location and we encourage you to contact us for a complete listing or check out our specific property amenities pages.

Services and Amenities

  • Spacious Private Apartments

  • Home cooked meals served Restaurant Style daily

  • Basic Cable TV

  • Transportation

  • Housekeeping and Laundry Services

  • Personal Emergency Call System

  • 24 Hour Staff

  • Activities including wellness and educational programs, live entertainment and games

  • Beauty salon and barber shop on-site

  • Private dining room and lounges to entertain family and guests

  • Small pets welcome

  • Resident controlled room temperature

  • Window blinds


Am I ready?

It’s hard to know when you or a loved one is ready to move into a retirement or assisted living community. It’s important to examine your daily life, and think about whether certain daily tasks have started to become more difficult to manage.

  • Have you noticed any undesirable changes in your mobility?

  • Have you fallen in the last 3 months?

  • Do find it difficult to walk more than a few blocks?

  • Do you have trouble walking on an uneven surface, like grass, dirt roads, brick walkways, or sidewalks with curbs?

  • Is it difficult to stand up from a low, soft couch?

  • Is it difficult to pick up a piece of clothing from the floor from a standing position?

  • Do you currently experience difficulty tying your shoes or chopping vegetables?

  • Do you have trouble keeping track of time?

  • Do you sometimes have problems understanding your monthly bills or figuring out where to call if you have a problem?

  • Do you frequently have trouble dialing familiar numbers (such as a family member or your doctor) without losing your place or misdialing?

  • Would you have difficulty giving someone important information about yourself in case of emergency?

If you answered yes to more than 2 or 3 of the questions above it may be time to start a conversation with a loved one or your primary care physician about transitioning to a retirement or assisted living community.

While it is certainly among life’s most difficult decisions, most of our residents have found a great deal of relief and opportunity in the support and resources that our community provides, and they were glad that they had made the right choice.

The questions above are based on The Independent Living Assessment, an assessment developed by a team of investigators from the Health and Disability Research Institute at the Boston University School of Public Health. To access the complete assessment, please visit


Financial Assistance

We understand how important the transition to retirement living is to you and your loved ones. At Park Vista, we work closely with our residents on an individual basis to assess all of the financing options available.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance policies are typically designed to help cover the costs of:

  • in home assistance for daily activities like bathing, dressing, eating and cleaning;

  • community programs, such as adult day care,

  • visiting nurses;

  • care in a nursing home;

  • and assisted living services that are provided in a special residential setting other than your own home – such as those provided at Park Vista Retirement Living communities. These services may include meals, health monitoring, and help with daily activities.

Long term care insurance may not be the right option for everyone, so it’s important that you weigh the benefits against the risks.

You are encouraged to consult with your insurance provider. You may also seek the advice of your trust officer, financial planner, or elder care attorney for more information.

Veteran's Benefits

Are you a veteran or a widow of a veteran? If you are, please take a moment to read the following information regarding a veterans program that may benefit you.

What is Aid and Attendance?

Aid and attendance is an additional amount available to eligible veterans and dependents who are entitled to VA pension or VA compensation. A VA compensation or pension benefit is awarded to a veteran determined to be in need of regular aid and attendance of another person to perform basic functions of everyday life.

A veteran may qualify for aid and attendance benefits if he or she:

  • Is blind or so nearly blind as to have corrected visual field to 5 degrees or less

  • Is a resident in an assisted or independent living facility because of mental or physical incapacity

  • Proves a need for aid and attendance under established criteria

  • Inability to perform tasks of daily living

Who is eligible for aid and attendance?

A veteran, dependent spouse, or surviving spouse who is determined to be in need of regular aid and attendance of another person, may be entitled to higher income limitations or additional benefits, depending on the type of benefit received. Veteran must have served 90 days with honorable discharge.

How do I apply?

Contact us for more information about VA benefits, or visit for more information and for preliminary required forms needed.